Bringing advanced AI construction technologies to Canada

Canadian Priorities

Affordable housing, sustainability, energy efficiency, and reducing our carbon footprint are global priorities embraced by all levels of government in Canada.

The construction industry has a significant role to play in addressing these priorities.

The Canadian construction industry is largely stuck using
old-school methods.

Most residential and commercial buildings built in Canada use traditional onsite construction methods.

Raw materials are shipped to a jobsite where they are exposed to the elements and all work is completed on-site.

Traditional methods fail to take advantage of significant efficiency enabling technology developments.

A complete transformation is needed to achieve Canada’s affordable housing, carbon reduction, and sustainability goals

The promise of manufactured construction

Advanced, high-performance manufactured building components are needed to achieve new breakthroughs.

This means the scalable, industrial production of prefabricated modules, pods, sectional and panelized building components inside a climate-controlled facility using advanced AI automation and robotics

All controlled by specialized manufacturing software using AI

68%     Faster project completion time

92%     Less emissions
96%     Less waste

Europe is a world leader

At present, Europe is years ahead of Canada and the US with the adoption of modular building construction methods.

Sweden and Germany have several large-scale automated production facilities with capabilities not available in Canada.

Nubuild is the answer

There is an urgent need to bring the same advanced, large-scale production capabilities to Canada’s construction industry.
This is key to meet Canada’s
high-demand for more affordable, energy-efficient housing, and achieve carbon reduction targets.

Turning vision into reality

Nubuild will:

Incorporate and immediately improve upon best modular manufacturing practices used by European leaders.

Forge strategic pan-Canadian relationships for ongoing cooperation and continuous improvement.

Partnering with the best

A growing consortium of suppliers and strategic alliances supports the Nubuild vision to bring a world class team together with expertise for each step in the modular construction life cycle.



Higher quality, more affordable building products – available for use and faster move-in

The Nubuild Super Factory will take advantage of advanced AI manufactured building technology to realize important benefits.

Dramatic time savings

Cost certainty

Ultra green buildings

A family home assembled in days versus months with traditional site construction

Up to 20% in cost savings over traditional construction methods

Healthier buildings

Materials are not exposed to the elements

Higher build quality

Substantial reduction in material waste – and carbon footprint

Using precise and consistent manufacturing equipment

Nubuild Solutions

The Nubuild Super Factory will provide ready-to-assemble, prefabricated materials, products, and complete systems for any home or multi-unit building.

Affordable Housing

Single story to 5 story housing


Single story to 5 story housing

Custom Homes

Bungalows, two-story, luxury homes

Multi-unit Buildings

Walk-ups, condominiums complexes, apartments

Senior’s Residences

Multi-unit, multi-floor nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior’s homes, and retirement communities

Commercial Buildings

Office buildings, retail buildings, convenience stores

Best of everything at every step

Nubuild will bring proven, best-of-breed technologies, expertise, and processes to each step in the modular construction life cycle.

From initial concept and design, through fabrication, development, product production, delivery, and final assembly onsite.

Nubuild is driven by a vision and commitment to continuous innovation

Strategic alliances
The best expertise in the world
Pan-Canadian relationships