Transforming Canada's Construction Industry

Building smarter, faster, to a higher standard, for less.

Introducing Nubuild

Proudly Canadian owned.

Bringing scalable advanced robotic AI construction solutions to Canada.

Building residential and commercial buildings that are more affordable, energy-efficient, higher quality, and built in dramatically less time.

The first advanced, large-scale Super Factory of its kind in Canada

Combining technologies and processes from Europe’s top manufacturers into a 660,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in the National Capital Region.

Advanced Automated AI Construction Technologies

Reduce Construction Time

Reduce Construction Costs

Reduce Construction Waste

Reduce Construction Emissions

Make affordable housing a reality for more Canadians.

Solutions for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Nubuild will provide ready to assemble, prefabricated modules, materials, products, and complete systems for any home or multi-unit building.

68%   Faster project completion time

92%   Less emissions

96%   Less waste

Backed by industry leaders and experts

Best-practices uniquely support each step in the modular construction life cycle:



“To achieve meaningful carbon reduction, sustainability, and affordable housing goals, we need to urgently transform Canada’s construction industry. That’s what Nubuild is all about.”

John Liptak

President & CEO