Introducing Nubuild

A vision for transformation

We are bringing the most advanced, large-scale automation and smart robotic solutions now used in Europe to Canada to build the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, tech-smart, residential, and commercial buildings in the world.

Nubuild is a proudly Canadian owned company

Built fast

Built smart

One and two-story single family homes



Commercial Buildings

First in Canada

Nubuild is the first advanced, large-scale facility of its kind in Canada.

Combining technologies and processes from Europe’s top construction manufacturing leaders

Including leading manufacturers like Lindbäcks of Sweden and Bien Zenker and Muller Blaustien of Germany, and other world-class leaders

These tech-savvy giants are setting the standards globally for what’s possible for sustainable, automated production of residential and commercial buildings

These same transformational efficiencies will now be introduced to Canada

By Nubuild

Nubuild Super Factory

The first Nubuild facility will be a state-of-the-art 844,205 sq. ft. Super Factory built on sixty-two acres in the Vars Industrial Park in the National Capital Region.

State-of-the-art Net Zero facility

Leading-edge automated machinery

Advanced robotics and production processes

Construction starts

Spring 2023

Operational by

Spring 2024

Prefabricated modules drive efficiencies

With one work shift, Nubuild will produce up to


modules per day

An average-sized, 2-bedroom multiplex housing unit can be built using



A single Nubuild factory can produce


new housing units every year

Our modules include:

Created in a climate-controlled facility eliminating exposure to elements.

Shipped to a prepared worksite where they’re assembled like giant Lego blocks into the final building structure within hours by an experienced team.

At full capacity, Nubuild expects to operate with







direct workers employed



indirect workers employed





direct workers employed



indirect workers employed

Growth Plan

The Nubuild vision includes up to 9 Super Factories across Canada

This will be enabled in part by PCL’s existing runway and substantial infrastructure

PCL is one of many, world-class partners, who will make the Nubuild vision a reality