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The Nubuild Vision

Disrupting Construction with Technology

Nubuild is a Canadian-owned company driven by world-class leadership and a visionary goal to bring the most advanced automation and smart robotic solutions to Canada for building cost-effective, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, tech-smart, residential, and commercial buildings. This includes one and two-story single-family homes, rowhouses, multiplexes, and various commercial buildings.

Build smarter, faster, to a higher standard for less

Nubuild will incorporate the best modular manufacturing practices that are currently being used by recognized European world leaders, while also forging strategic pan-Canadian relationships that will enable ongoing cooperation and continuous improvement.


Faster Project Completion Time


Less Emissions


Less Waste

Designing and Building for the 21st Century

Technology Meets Innovation

Instead of working with individual components, materials, and products that are separately and inefficiently delivered to build site, as they have been for centuries, Nubuild will deliver prefabricated, ready-to-assemble modular systems. Exposure to elements – rain, snow, wind, extreme heat or cold – is minimized, ensuring healthier living and work environments.


Higher Build Quality

Everything is manufactured to a consistent standard in a strictly controlled environment, ensuring no materials are exposed to the environments


Reduced Construction Time

Modular building projects can be completed 30-70% quicker than traditional construction methods. By choosing to build modular, the indoor construction process can take place alongside site and foundations work, without the need for weather delays

Reduced Costs

Leading edge robotic and automated systems reduce overhead labour costs and speed up time to revenue for investors


Reduced Waste & Emissions

Materials are recycled rather than going to the landfill, resulting in waste reductions of up to 96%

“You wouldn’t build your car or a computer in a field. It’s time to bring the same time saving, cost slashing, quality enhancing manufacturing process to building construction.”

John Liptak

President & CEO, Nubuild

Disrupting Construction with Technology

Nubuild’s unique technology and processes rethink traditional construction methods, bringing new efficiencies and innovation to the construction industry in Canada.

The Nubuild Super Factory

The first Nubuild plant will be a state-of-the-art 500,000 sq. ft. facility built on sixty-two acres located at Vars Industrial Park in the National Capital Region, with construction expected to start in the Fall of 2022 and planned to be operational by Fall 2023.

WALLTEQ M-120 Multifunction Bridge
WALLTEQ M-120 Multifunction Bridge

Affordable Housing

Leading-edge robotic and automated manufacturing facilities will dramatically reduce building costs while ensuring the highest levels of precision and product quality – making attainable housing a reality for more Canadians.

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  • Automated wood frame and wall systems integrated with an automated window & door line
  • Automated cabinetry and finish areas – with unlimited customization options
  • Automated roof truss lines

Complete Systems

Pre-manufactured floors, roof, and wall systems with windows and all electrical, and insulated to NetZero Certification Standards, with exterior finishing.

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Individual components and systems include:


  • Wall Systems – prewired for lighting, outlets, insulated to Net Zero standards and ready for exterior finishes
  • Floor and ceiling systems with electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures pre-installed
  • Cross-Laminated Timber Structural Systems – environmentally friendly using high performance materials and technology
  • Floor and roof systems
  • Ceiling and wall systems
  • Turnkey kitchen and bathroom packages with cabinetry, countertops, and all hardware – ideal for multi-unit buildings
WALLTEQ M-120 Multifunction Bridge
WALLTEQ M-120 Multifunction Bridge

Engineered to Net Zero

Homes and commercial buildings can be built to Net Zero readiness with energy performance 100% better than homes built to code.

Ready for Assembly

Everything will be finished to the furthest level of completeness in the Nubuild Super Factory and transported in 4 to 6 trucks, ready for assembly on-site in as little as 6 weeks for a new home.


Nubuild will offer customized turnkey solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Nubuild’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant will provide ready-to-assemble, prefabricated materials, products, and complete systems for any home or multi-unit building including:

Affordable Housing

Single storey to 5 storey housing


Hotel complexes

Custom Homes

Bungalows, two-storey, luxury estate homes

Multi-unit Buildings

Walk-ups, condominium complexes, apartments

Senior’s Residences

Multi-unit, multi-floor nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior’s homes and retirement communities

Commercial Buildings

Office buildings, retail buildings, convenience stores

The Future of Green Building is Here

To achieve meaningful carbon reduction, sustainability, and attainable housing goals, nothing less than a complete disruption and transformation of the construction industry is urgently required.

Reduced Emissions

A United Nations report found that 39 percent of global carbon emissions result from the construction field, and much of that is the result of inefficient transportation of labor, equipment and materials. By reducing overall transportation needs and optimizing the delivery of modules, modular construction is able to reduce total deliveries to building sites by 90 percent, which has an enormous effect on total emissions.

Decreased Energy Consumption During Construction

Since construction happens in a controlled factory setting rather than on site, overall energy use is decreased with modular construction technology. During construction, energy usage is optimized using machine learning to create an environmentally sound building process. Additionally, on-site energy expenditures are significantly lower, as construction times are substantially decreased with modular buildings.

Reduced Construction Waste

Because multiple modules are being constructed simultaneously, materials that would be discarded on a normal construction site can be reused for other projects in a modular construction facility. Traditional construction generates around 4 million tons of debris every year, and reducing this amount would have huge environmental benefits.

To Net Zero and Beyond!

If you’re a business, government or institution working towards net zero emissions, we can help.

The public discourse is shifting. More and more corporate leaders and governments are committing to reduced, net-zero, or even net negative emissions. If your organization is among those leading on climate change, or evaluating options, we can help.

Our automated modular technology provides a range of affordable building solutions that can help your business meet critical emissions reductions targets. We can work with you to create a custom set of solutions for your sustainability and net zero plans.

A Company Backed By Real Experience

A unique feature of the Nubuild approach is a commitment to bringing proven, best-of-breed expertise, technologies, and processes to each step in the modular construction life cycle: from initial concept and design, fabrication, development, product production through to final assembly onsite.

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